What ARC offers?

What ARC offers?

ARC offers an enhanced education programme of social communication and therapeutic learning activities for pupils aged 4-19 and is largely delivered on sites away from the child’s school. The programme is led and managed by an ASC specialist teacher and a team of experienced ASC Workers. ARC’s core aim is to support schools in their endeavour to design and implement effective learning provision for an individual ASC/SCID affected pupil.

The concept of an ARC intervention has developed and grown steadily over the last few years. For 2018-2019 we are offering the following programme:

  • ARC Headlands: KS1/KS2 Structured Teaching/therapy/Social Communication skills.
  • ARC Sparkle: KS2 Girls: social communication skills /PHSE
  • ARC Liberty: KS3/4 Girls: social communication skills/PHSE
  • ARC Underground: KS3/4 Boys social communication skills/PSHE
  • ARC Plus KS3/4 Tuition/therapy/social communication skills
  • ARC Forest Schools: KS1/2/3/4
  • ARC INREACH: Specialist staff working with staff and pupils in schools or in pupils homes if not attending

What sorts of reasons might there be to refer a child to ARC?

  • management of anxiety
  • struggling to attend/high absence levels
  • problems with transition/support for re-integration
  • struggling with social situations
  • support for an EHCP outcome/provision
  • risk of exclusion where school/setting staff and parents are looking to be proactive in managing difficult times.
  • discreet teaching of structured teaching methods
  • specialist teaching of early communication skills development

Depending on the programme applied for on behalf of a pupil/student, schools and other learning settings are invited to commission us to provide between 1 and 7 sessions a week for ASC/SCID affected CYP who would access the sessions on a short/medium or longer term basis as needed. In short, an ARC programme can be anything from a 'readiness for school' to a ‘crisis response’ and will be built around individual pupil need.

An ARC ‘session’ is usually offered as a complete package of pupil collection by ARC attendants and activities at ARC and then return to school/home.