ARC Making a referral

The majority of referrals will be made directly from schools, colleges and academies, as outcomes of actions from EHR/ TAC/CIN processes, but enquiry also comes from SENAT and other agencies. We are happy to discuss and advise around the benefit or otherwise of a placement at ARC with any professional.

 In the first instance, if a referral to ARC is being considered, this should be discussed with the parents/carers of the affected CYP and contact made with any of the Senior Members of the Swindon ASC to explore suitability of this intervention.

An ARC Referral form will be completed, which will then form the basis of the initial assessment.

ARC Information and Referral Form


Bill Rigg or a senior member of the ARC Team will carry out an assessment to understand the child’s needs and agree with school and/or parents what the desired outcomes of an ARC placement should be, wherever possible we will link these to the pupils EHCP (if the child has one). We work collaboratively with all stakeholders to plan a programme that meets the pupils needs, encouraging visits from schools and parents before sessions begin.

Before a pupil starts a Pupil Pack will be completed by the parent, this includes permissions, risk assessments refer to any medical needs and personal care needs. A hard copy of these are kept in the office.