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ARC Bespoke Packages

ARC Bespoke packages KS1/KS2/KS3

ARC Bespoke Packages are an individual and personal programme of support completely designed around the children and young people needs. This can be offered in a range of locations to suit the individual. It is an alternative way of supporting the individual.

Who is a ARC Bespoke Package designed for?

  • Individuals who may have struggled to maintain a school placement.
  • There maybe some learning and or mental health difficulties which affect their ability to engage with adults.
  • They may require a flexible approach to meet their needs and a planned programme of intervention to support them to overcome any barriers.
  • The children and young people may have a complex SEND profile including ASC/SCID/anxiety or mental health difficulties.
  • A programme may be needed within the home or wider environment.

ARC is able to offer our services in a range of settings and environments as required to meet the needs of the individual children and young people and their school/setting. Options include:

  • In the home
  • ‘Out and About’ in the local community
  • ARC (Autism Resource Centre) facility at Headlands Grove
  • Onsite at any Swindon school or setting

What a ARC Bespoke package could include

A Bespoke Worker will assess/identify and plan interventions for children and young people considering how their difficulties, including stress and anxiety, can impact their progress and their ability to engage with an adult. The following may be agreed:

  • Specialist professionals, access to tailored expertise which include 1-1, 2-1 & 3-1.
  • Transporting children and young people to/from the activities.
  • Planning and implementation of ‘out of school’ learning activities.
  • Designing/providing appropriate resources as part of the bespoke package.
  • Supporting the inclusion of the children and young people in all activities that are an additional part of the Bespoke Package e.g. horse riding.
  • Liaising with allocated personal tutor/other professionals. Coordinating the package and providing support/mentoring and training where necessary.
  • Establish constructive relationships and communicate with other agencies/professionals involved in delivering the bespoke package.
  • Use ASC specific expertise to advise/mentor and support other adults involved with the children and young people.
  • Prepare reports and briefings for schools/service managers, and parent/carers. (Additional charge see charging schedule)
  • Setting targets from EHCP and collecting evidence of children and young people progress/views and contributing actively to termly reporting.
  • Attend relevant meetings and Annual Reviews.
  • Support parents/carers/children and young people to attend meetings.
  • Find appropriate work experience/volunteering opportunities for children and young people, to support/monitor and review attendance.
  • Explore work and college placements with children and young people support applications and interviews.
  • Enable children and young people to take exams and seek relevant qualifications.
  • Play Therapy.

If you interested in booking a BASIS Bespoke package, then please complete the ARC Information Pack and referral form

ARC Information and Referral Pack

Please follow the link to view the ARC Information and Referral Pack